Server Uptime Check

Monitor your website automatically to keep it available everytime,everywhere for everyone.
Monitor your spam server automatically to protect your brand and website with mail delivery rating.
Monitor your DNS record automatically;which secure your brand and ownership
You will get ALL-TIME alert on server UPTIME,SPAM,DNS.

Available Monitoring Options

Web ServerHTTP: Web Server
Page ContentWeb Page Content
File Transfer ProtocolFTP: File Transfer Protocol
File Transfer ProtocolSMTP: Outgoing Email Server
File Transfer ProtocolPOP3: Email Server
Secure Socket LayerSSL: Secure Socket Layer
Domain Name Server DNS: Domain Name Server
Custom TCP PortsCustom TCP Ports
Web Server
Server monitoring
Round the clock there having multiple servers around the world which is continuously run protocol based tests on your desired website with specific intervales (every 3, 5, 15, 30 minutes) at 24 / 7 / 365 days to ensure end customers & users to access website.
Server monitoring
It detects on several monitoring locations if any connection failure or error will be dectected then you will get instant email and sms notification alert.This feature will mobilize your online business performance.
Server monitoring
This software will track failure logs of uptime/downtime every month and generate a comprehensive report via control panel.It's helpful to reduce your system monitoring time & keeps you update amoung your competitors.
Server uptime is the point at which the servers are up and running fittingly. This requires constant overseeing and administration by server chairmen. Server uptime relies on upon information being accessible to directors that permits them to anticipate potential flops and avert them. Server uptime devices convey fundamental information about machine and working framework execution continuously to heads, alarming chairmen when something goes amiss.